considered as the language of God

“Parnavaz was the first king of  Qartli descended from qartlos,who extended the Georgaian language,and no more  different language was spoken in Qartli except Georgian” reported Qartlis Tskhovreba (Georgian Chronicles).king pharnavaz reigning in the third century BC credited with  creating the Georgian alphabet.the quote from Qartlis Tskovreba gives an indication that literary monuments existed in Georgia before the birth of Christ.

According to Georgian researchers(Iv.Javakhishvili,T Gamkrelidze,R.Pataridze and others),the Georgian alphabet derives from Phoenician  letters or Greek alphabetic systems.

The writing of the Georgian language has developed into three graphical forms,known as: Asomtavruli,Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli.Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri are also known as khutsuri (priestly script).The Mkhedruli script evolved at the cost of complexity of previously used letters.the ancient Georgian alphabet consisted of 38 letters,5 letters were later made redundant.In the second half of the nineteenth century Ilia Chavchavadze’s  (Georgian writer,poet,journalist and lawyer)reforms made it possible not to use outdated and complex letters.this reorganization led Georgian written language to the perfection.
The outstanding ecclesiastical figure of the tenth century Ione Zosime in his “Praise and glorification of the Georgian language”describes the Georgian language as beautified and blessed by the name of the lord.In this magnificent literary hymn is buried secret of biblical  prophecy for the day of the Christ’s second coming,the last judgment,which will be done with Georgian language.Emphasis here is on the divine character of Georgian and it’s preeminence among other languages of the world.


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