amazing georgian sound of music and song

Autumn brings sad evenings…these kind of feelings filled me last night.Yesterday couldn’t listen any foreign  sounds,but tried some of  Queen’s favorites.Phone called and I left my computer.As I returned my computer was busy,but got amazed from the song that my brother was listening.Actually Georgian folk songs with its music are curable medicine for all sad feelings,but the one that my brother was listening wasn’t as curable but was encouraging.with many instruments Georgian fanduri(Georgian musical instrument) sounds greatly in this song’s music.the song is dedicated to the memory of Teona Qumsiashvili.Singer sings about a woman who isn’t alive anymore and her” love brought him great pain,because her distance will tire him…but in this world he trusted in he will enter in the god’s temple with the candle…he will never forget her as she will  light in his soul like a candle…he will always beg to god for the immortality of her soul..and he will sing this song for her before she will light  in his heart. Glory to god ,glory to god let the god bless your soul…” as I was listening I wanted to cry,but these words don’t let me to show tears, because these are words that may encourage you in many ways.after all, I’m attaching this link to my expressed attitude about this Georgian song and leave you to listen to Georgian music and above mentioned song to get your own impression………


დატოვე კომენტარი

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